Saturday, March 11, 2017

TV Cabinet

It's not really a "craft" but wanted to share.   I'm pretty proud of how it turned out.

I've been trying to think of a way to hide my TV.  I hate when the TV is the main focus point in a room and I hate having the TV on when company is over.   Well I started browsing the web and found that Pottery Barn sold a TV cabinet that was 2 mirrors and behind it was your TV.  When closed you didn't even know the TV was there.  Problem is, that cabinet was $600.   Yikes.

I thought about mirrors but they are so heavy.  I started doing a search on line and found the perfect thing.  At Wayfair I found 3 canvas prints that go together as a set.   Now the challenge was how to make a cabinet.    Well, I stared at the pictures for about a month until I finally got up the nerve to tackle this project.  I took this back and forth off the wall no less than 6 times....oh and once even fell off the ladder.    But needless to say it's finished, it's perfect and it didn't cost $600, in fact I like it even better than the one I saw at Pottery Barn.

I originally hadn't planned on putting a top to the box but had to add it.   The pictures wouldn't close correctly and I needed to add that part so I could put a magnet to hold it closed.

I'm getting closer!

It's perfect.   Now I have to take it back down so that I can stain all the wood.   I know, should have done before I mounted it but I wanted to make sure it was right.  

Cords all hidden and wood stained.   I love it!