Saturday, March 11, 2017

IKEA Hacks

I've been busy trying to reorganize my sewing/craft room.   That's a bigger challenge than it sounds.   Once it's all done I'll post pics of the finished room.  For now I want to share my 2 IKEA hacks.   

I'm pretty pleased how it turned out. I know not every has bolts in their sewing room, but I also sell on etsy. I purchased an IKEA wardrobe frame, actually it was in the clearance section. 

Next I purchased shoe racks that fit in a wardrobe that's not as deep.  When I was talking with the IKEA salesperson he kept arguing that I'm buying the wrong shoe racks.   "I know, it's not for shoes, it's for fabric."  He just looked at me like I was nuts.    Well, maybe I am.   I did have to add 2x4 boards to give the metal shoe shelves better support. Bolts of fabric are just too heavy.

First I painted some 2"x4" boards cut the same width as the shoe racks. 

I had originally cut and painted enough of them to support the front and back of the shelf.   It didn't seem like the front was really needed once I put the supports in the back.  Only time will tell if I need to add the front supports.    If I do I'll probably use 2"x2".

Here's a close up photo of the shelf with the wood support in the back.

.....and the moment you have all been waiting for.......the finished product.  

 I couldn't be happier how it turned out. Now I'm going to have to stalk the clearance and hopefully find another one.

My second IKEA hack was my cutting table.   I purchased 2 Kallax shelves.    I also purchased 2 furniture dollies from Harbor Freight so that I could sit the shelves on the dollies and easily move my table around.   NE Furniture Mart has a great clearance section and I found a table top only for get this.....$49.   Steal of a deal.   

My cutting table is perfect.

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Lindi Christensen said...

Your IKEA hacks are brilliant!