Saturday, May 15, 2010

Graduation Gift

Well this is a long story so I'll try and make it short. My husband's great nephew Ryan is graduating from high school and he is very in to religious history and collects bibles. When I found this out I remember seeing a family bible when Stan's Uncle Allen died 7 years ago. There our journey starts. I wasn't sure where the bible was now but I put Aunt Helen in charge of that. We found out that the bible was in the hands of Stan's cousin Jo Anne who said she would be happy to pass it on to Ryan. This is a bible that was Ryan's Great Great Grandmothers. Ryan was tickeled pink to receive it as a gift. The bible was already in a box that was Ryan's Great Great Grandfathers box for cards from his funeral, I bought a box to keep it all in and I also made a booklet to show him his family history.

Here's the book that I made for Ryan

I told Ryan today that I wanted him to pass the bible on to his Great Grandson and he promised he would.