Saturday, November 30, 2013

More Raggy Tutus

I call these raggy tutus but they are far from raggy.   I love the look of these, and so do customers.    A couple of things to explain about these.

1.  Since they have a raw edge, they are not meant to be machine washed.   Spot clean only.
2.  I use fabrics that don't fray easily.  My favorite type of fabric tuttui fruitti plisse.  The plisse has very little fraying.
3.  I use a wavy rotary cutter to cut the strips.
4.  Tulle is not necessary but I feel that makes the skirt fuller and tulle is so inexpensive, why not to get a great look.

Outfit for my granddaughters first birthday.   Applique from Planet Applique, Birthday Owl.  Flower headband from Embroidery Garden, Mega flower.

Order for a customer.   I wasn't sure about the coloring, red and black with Cheetah print for Christmas but I love how it turned out.  Applique from HappyTown Applique.

Outfits for twin girls.    Applique from Planet Applique, headband flower from Embroidery Garden, Mega Flower.   She had no ideas on design, only wanted pink and purple.   Hope she likes them.  

If you want to see the full instruction on making the raggy tutus, it's in an older blog post here

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