Monday, August 17, 2015

Bay-Bee Shower

Time to have a baby shower.

First decision was,  theme.  Before I could decide on a theme I needed to figure out a good shower favor.   Pinterest to the rescue.    I found a great idea of giving honey as a favor.   Then I started researching ideas for a honey bee themed party.      First decision made,   Baby Bee theme.

2nd step.  Now that we have a theme, let's get busy.   I decided baby food jars would be a perfect size.   Baby food jars hold 4 oz.,  now to find jars.    My daughter and niece have little ones so they were able to give me a few but they usually make most of their baby food.   I posted on facebook what I was looking for and received a response from someone. Don't you love social media!  She had gotten them off of craigslist and was going to organize her garage.   I was welcome to them.    Found honey dippers,  little tiny bee charms and bee fabric!

Ok,  time to tie it all together.   Centerpieces and other decor.    Who ever invented Pinterest was a life saver and a genius.



Diaper Cake

Diaper cake doubled as decor for Food Table

Watermelon baby is also Pinterest!

Party Favors

 Party Favors doubled as Centerpieces for the Table

 Added some yellow and black circles for color and Bit of Honey candy for fun!

Decorated up the drink jar that contained, what else, Lemonade.

Gotta stay with the yellow and black color theme. 


 You've also have to have some Pollen Punch,  aka Water.

Guess how many Honey Combs.    

 One of our fun games.   Our other game was Bingo,  that was a big hit.

Goodness gracious, I almost forgot the cake.   What else

A Bee Hive Cake

 A very happy Niece and Mommy to Bee

I love it when a plan comes together!

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