Saturday, December 12, 2009

Christmas Wagons

Well, I asked my grandson what he wanted for Christmas about a month ago. "Well Mimi, let me think about it." Later he came back and told me that he would like a little wagon. Not a big one but a little one that he could use when he digs. He loves to work outside digging for worms.

Well, I thought how hard could that be........boy was I wrong. I bought the little wagon I had about 5 years ago. I looked everywhere. All I could find was wagons about 12" x 7"......too little. I was looking for something around 24" x 12". Well I should have known to just "google" I finally found the wagons. What I was looking for was called Tot Wagons. I found them from Morgan Cycle. I ordered them and had them within a week. I was pretty excited too, they were plain red, which meant I could, here's what you start with.

Two unassembled Morgan Cycle Tot Wagons.

First I used the Robo Master software that comes with my Craft Robo and designed decals for the side and back of the wagons. I used the dingbat font "Vehicle decals flame art". I designed flames for the side of the wagon and then added the boys names to each wagon.

The back of the wagons have the boys' last names on them. The wagons turned out super cute. I can't wait until they get them for Christmas.

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Rebecca said...

CUTE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! You are just so crafty!!!! And I LOVE your header, by the way!!