Tuesday, September 8, 2009

How to Stuff a Wedding Pinata

Well, that's the question. How to stuff a pinata for a wedding rehearsal! The theme for the rehearsal dinner was "Mexican Fiesta". Well at a Mexican Fiesta you have to have a pinata.

We stuffed the pinata with Hershey "Kisses", "Bliss" candy, candy that looks like "Wedding Rings", Mr & Mrs Mints, and then we made some really cute bottles of wine. That's right. Bottles of wine. Don't worry, they were plastic bottles.

I purchased the bottles from the following website:
Essential Supplies

Here's the cute label. The poem was written by a dear friend Debbie to the Bride and Groom.

Notice the bottle in the middle has a red band. Those were special for kids and pregnant guests. Cranberry juice. Pinata was a big "hit"


ellen s. said...

totally fun!!!!!!!!!!

Rebecca said...

You are good at this kind of stuff, Karen. You should go into the party planning business!!!

Drea said...

Clever idea! Taking notes since I have 5 daughters!