Thursday, November 27, 2008

Software that I can't live without

Software is a necessity whether you do digital scrapbooking or not.

#1 on my list is Photoshop Elements, this is a fantastic photo editing tool. You can also do so much to add and enhance your photos. Things like changing the colors to sepia brown tones, making the photo black and white and then highlighting with subtle color, merging photos.

#2 This is a new software package that I just purchased. Actually bought it on Craigs List from a retiring Creative Memories consultant. It is Memory Manager. This helps you easily find a photo. Needless to say I love taking pictures. In fact, I've been organizing them since I got the software and so far I have over 3,000 photos of my first grandson. He just turned 3!!

#3 Creative Memories Story Book Creator Plus. This package is used to create photo books. So far I've done 4 of them and they are so much fun and so easy. This is a package that I just purchased and honestly I could do everything I am doing in this software in Photoshop. The only difference, Creative Memories has free templates and this package is so much easier, especially for a rookie.


Rebecca said...

Found the new blog...LOVE IT!!!! And I need to get the Photoshop elements!!!!!

Anonymous said...

Karen, do you still read this? I am wanting to get the firl version of the sesame street letters. Can you send them to